Investigating Lunar Phases Impact on Natural Disasters over India

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Jyotsna Singh
Bhishma Tyagi


The effect of lunar phases on natural disasters has been discussed from time to time. In the present work we have made an attempt to investigate the impact of lunar phases on the natural disasters viz. cyclone, earthquake, slides and floods. We have observed the increasing trend in the number of disasters over the last 100 years. The seasonal analysis of the above mentioned four disasters have shown their maximum occurrence in the monsoon season. Among all the four disasters, number of occurrences of the flood was highest in past years. It has been observed that during the first and last quarter we had more natural disasters compared to the new moon and full moon. However the Student t-test confirmed that statistically there is no difference between first quarter and last quarter and new moon and full moon phases at 0.05 level of significance.


Lunar phases, natural disasters, India, student t test

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Singh, J., & Tyagi, B. (2014). Investigating Lunar Phases Impact on Natural Disasters over India. Advances in Research, 2(12), 926-934.
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